Timemore Syphon 2.0 – 5 Cups


Material : Borosilicate Glass
Size : 35.5*13.0 (cm)
Temp. : -30℃~180℃
Capacity : 5 Cups

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One of the most impressive ways of making coffee. It’s a science! By heating the bottom chamber the pressure forces water up into the upper chamber to mix with the ground coffee. Once mixed the coffee is drawn into the lower chamber as the pressure drops, creating a vacuum effect via a filter, and voila, your coffee is brewed!

Timemore have created this work of art with design and elegance in mind. The wooden handle is a reflection of their hourglass logo, not only well designed but they had safety in mind too. The handle is further away from the hot glass than most syphons (1. 5cm between fingers and the lower bowl) to prevent accidental burns. Crystal clear borosilicate glass finish which is highly heat resistant giving you peace of mind that safety has not been compromised.

A brewing suggestion

  1. Cover the metal filter with cloth filter and pull the string to tighten the cloth.
  2. Pull the metal ball chain through the glass tube until it is hooked on the tube
  3. Pour water in the lower chamber
  4. Light up the heater and lean the upper glass chamber to one side, so the two glass parts aren’t in position. Let the water heat up.
  5. When the water starts to boil in the lower chamber place the upper chamber on top of the lower chamber so they’re tightly in place.
  6. When hot water enters to the upper chamber, take off the lid and add 20g ground coffee.
  7. Stir the ground coffee in the water with stirring stick. Then time 1 minute.
  8. Some people prefer to press the coffee into the water with the stick at this stage instead of stirring the water.
  9. To avoid over extraction, you can move the heater aside a little bit to decrease the temperature. During heating, you can stir again.
  10. Turn off the heater when 1 min is up. Wait for the brewed coffee to enter into the lower chamber.
  11. You’ll notice that the groud coffee us piled up high.
  12. Hold the wooden handle and rotate slightly to take the upper glass chamber out.
  13. Then insert the upper chamber to the plastic lid which acts as a stand whilst it drips.

Now you can enjoy your coffee, just hold the wooden handle and serve the coffee.

Usually Syphon coffees ratio of ground coffee vs water is 1:13 -15.  A cup is usually 100ml -120ml
CupTotal CoffeeRatio1:131:141:15
2 cups240ml20g260ml280ml300ml
3 cups360ml30g390ml420ml450ml
5 cups500ml40g520ml560ml600ml


  • 5 cup syphon
  • Bottom glass can withstand 1000℃ maximum
  • Wooden handle which doesn’t get warm
  • Comes with a alcohol burner
  • Anti slip base to ensure it won’t slide during the brewing and protect your work surface from scratches
  • Feet of syphon are wider apart to ensure it can be used with a wider range of gas burners

If you’d rather have a gas burner we have those too, check out Tiamo gas burner.

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Timemore Syphon 2.0 – 5 Cups


Out of stock